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College Station Association of Neighborhoods

Join CSAN for a 5th Anniversary Celebration and Recognition of
Blanche Brick, Bob Brick and John Crompton.
Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 6p.m. at Rudy's BBQ on Harvey Rd.

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Shared Housing and Middle Housing ... big changes coming to preserve our single-family neighborhoods.
Shared Housing
- A new building classification for residential structures, reviewed during permitting.
- It basically determines what is a true single-family residence and what is an
     "Ag Shack" or "stealth dorm," something that has been missing from our codes.
- There are a number of criteria that will be used to determine what will be considered
     "Shared Housing," but a critical one is more than four bedrooms/baths. Structures
     with four or fewer may still be considered shared housing based on other criteria.
- Shared Housing will not be allowed to be built in single-family neighborhoods. Existing
     structures will be grandfathered in and Shared Housing will be allowed in other
     zoning classifications, particularly the new Middle Housing zones. 

"Middle Housing"
- A new zoning classification.
- Shared Housing will be allowed in Middle Housing zones (as well as other residential
     zones) , as will duplexes, townhouses, small and medium multiplexes, etc.
- Middle Housing zones will be established from the existing zones called "Mixed
      Residential" (SEE MAP BELOW) and will allow a higher unit density than currently
      exists. The City is actively pursuing this zoning change and there will be the
      opportunity for public input.
- Properties in Middle Housing zones will no longer be required to go through the
     rezoning process as they do now. They must only adhere to construction and
     setback requirements.

Though not a cure-all, these changes should effectively prevent new, over-occupied
     "Ag Shacks" from being built in existing neighborhoods zoned for single-family
For a much more detailed discussion including why the "four-unrelated" law never seems to get enforced and what these new classifications will and won't do 
Who owns all those rental properties? 
A lot of out-of-town investors, that's who.
CLICK to see a breakdown.
Potential Middle 
Housing Zones

 for much more information on these neighborhoods.
Can You Do the ROO Too?
Click for steps to take before you contact the City and a detailed list of neighborhoods that can likely get the ROO.

Congratulations to North Forest Estates*
on being the first neighborhood to adopt a ROO!
* 26 homes located along Justin Ave. just east of Earl Rudder Fwy.
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