College Station Association of Neighborhoods

 Priority Issue

ROO Quick Facts:
- The ROO allows individual neighborhoods to limit occupancy
     to two unrelated occupants per single family house.
- Neighborhoods must apply for the ROO themselves.
- The City has a process for application that must be followed.
- 50% + 1 of property owners must vote to request the ROO.
- Existing rental properties are "grandfathered" at 4-unrelated.
- The process and definitions are complex, but well-defined.
Can You Do the ROO Too?
Click for steps to take before you contact the City and a detailed list of neighborhoods that can likely get the ROO.

See the maps below for a general idea of neighborhoods that can get the ROO.
(Too many existing rentals.)
(Already deed restricted.)
Who owns all those rental properties? 
A lot of out-of-town investors, that's who.
CLICK to see a breakdown.