College Station Association of Neighborhoods

Shared Housing and Middle Housing ... big changes coming to preserve our neighborhoods.
Shared Housing
- A new building classification for residential structures, reviewed during permitting.
- It basically determines what is a true single-family residence and what is an
     "Ag Shack" or "stealth dorm," something that has been missing from our codes.
- Shared Housing will no longer be allowed to be built in single-family neighborhoods. 
- These changes were recently adopted by the City.

"Middle Housing"
- A new zoning classification.
- Shared Housing will only be allowed in Middle Housing zones, as will duplexes,
     townhouses and, small and medium multiplexes.
- Middle Housing zones will be adopted by the usual rezoning process, which
     includes public input. It is likely that areas such as those behind the
     Bush/Wellborn intersection, the University/Texas Ave. intersection and
     Northgate will be rezoned since they are almost entirely rentals already.
- Middle Housing zones will be established from the existing zones called "Mixed
      Residential" and will allow a higher unit density than currently exists.

Though not a cure-all, these changes should effectively prevent new "Ag Shacks" from being built in existing neighborhoods zoned for single-family residences.
For a much more detailed discussion including why the "four-unrelated" law never seems to get enforced and what these new classifications will and won't do 
Who owns all those rental properties? 
A lot of out-of-town investors, that's who.
CLICK to see a breakdown.
Can You Do the ROO Too?
Click for steps to take before you contact the City and a detailed list of neighborhoods that can likely get the ROO.

Congratulations to North Forest Estates*
on being the first neighborhood to adopt a ROO!
* 26 homes located along Justin Ave. just east of Earl Rudder Fwy.