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Potential "Middle Housing" Zones 
CLICK to see examples of the types of structures that will likely be built in  "Middle Housing" Zones 
The map above covers the "Mixed Residential" zones (mustard color) established in the Future Land Use map of the most recent Comprehensive Plan. "Middle Housing" is a new zoning classification that can be adopted out of Mixed Residential zones.  

Terminology used in the linked map descriptions:

Shared Housing - A new building classification commonly referred to as "Ag Shacks." They are generally two-story, contain 4+ bedrooms and baths, small common living areas and often large parking areas. The interior designs prevent their use for anything but rent-by-the-room purposes, usually by students, in neighborhoods near campus. For the purposes here, no differentiation is made between recently built "Ag Shacks" and older multiplexes since both are interspersed in certain neighborhoods.

Single Family Home (SFH) - Detached traditional homes of widely varying sizes, ages and styles. Though many have been modified to rent to students, their interior design allows them to revert to owner-occupancy with little modification.

Duplex - For the purposes of these maps, older, single-story detached buildings with two units and yards. These are very common in Mixed Residential zones in College Station. 

Multiplex - Newer, two to three story, detached buildings containing two or more units. The number of units can be difficult to ascertain from the street. Groups of multiplexes are functionally little different from apartments.

Single-income Family - A useful term to describe people and families of limited  means looking for an affordable, convenient place to live. Such families include: traditional families with one wage-earner, single parents, seniors and, given current real estate realities, even mid to lower income families with two incomes.

Note: All maps were derived from the official College Station Future Land Use and Character map, June 2022. Individual areas were cropped and enlarged for visibility. Some street and feature names were added for clarity and utility.
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