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College Station
Association of Neighborhoods

About Us
CSAN is committed to smart growth, neighborhood preservation and being part of the process of the decisions impacting our city. The College Station Association of Neighborhoods-CSAN- formed in September 2017 to address issues of "neighborhood integrity". As in other cities where growth is increasing at a rapid pace, our residents are struggling to retain the quality of life they once enjoyed in their neighborhoods.
While change cannot be avoided and can be good, the proliferation of "stealth dorms" and numerous rezoning/development projects occurring in recent years have been approved without regard to the immediate or long-term effects to neighborhoods. Despite assertions of supporting neighborhood integrity by members of Planning and Zoning and City Council, their past votes tell a different story.

CSAN Objectives


·      ​Direct resident participation in the review of the Comprehensive Plan.

·      Electing city leaders who will work to make College Station a great place to live.

·      Providing an environment for children in neighborhoods.

·      Supporting the NCO (Neighborhood Conservation Overlay) process.

·      Building new city parks in College Station and maintenance of older parks.

·      Restricting the construction of new stealth dorms in traditional residential          


·      Reinstating the “conflict of interest” ethics policy.     

·      Fiscal responsibility concerning unfunded liabilities and the resultant tax burden.

·      Smart economic development paying for itself.

·      Decreasing traffic through existing residential neighborhoods.

·      Encouraging enterprises with sustainable employment for A&M graduates.

       President: Diana Woods
       Treasurer: Richard Woodward
       Secretary: Linda Bendiksen
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