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2018 Current Conditions

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College Station, home of Texas A&M University, will remain a vibrant, forward thinking, knowledge-based community that promotes the highest quality of life for our citizens by:

• Ensuring safe, tranquil, clean, and healthy neighborhoods with enduring character.

• Increasing and maintaining the mobility of our citizens through a well-planned and constructed inter-modal transportation system.

• Expecting sensitive development and management of the built and natural environments.

• Supporting well-planned, high-quality and sustainable growth.

• Valuing and protecting our cultural and historical community resources.

• Developing and maintaining high-quality, cost-effective community facilities, infrastructure, and services that ensure our city is cohesive and well connected. 

• Proactively creating and maintaining economic and educational opportunities for our citizens.

College Station will continue to be among the friendliest and most responsive of communities and a demonstrated partner in maintaining and enhancing all that is good and celebrated in the Brazos Valley. It will continue to be a place where Texas and the world come to learn, live, and conduct business.


Planning for the growth and development of a city is similar to planning for a road trip – it begins simply with knowing the starting point and the destination. Based on these two points, one can project how long the trip will take, the necessary supplies, and come up with a general game plan for the predictable parts of the journey. After all this preparation, it is time to execute the plan, which requires constant adjustments as both the expected and unexpected unfold along the way. In 2006, the City of College Station began a three-year process of community input to determine where and how it wanted to grow and develop. The resulting 2009-2030 Comprehensive Plan is the city’s policy roadmap to plan, anticipate, and guide growth and development over a 20-year period. This Comprehensive Plan is implemented by the Unified Development Ordinance, which provides the technical regulations for all new development. Now approaching 10 years since the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, it is time for the College Station community to reassess and discuss where the city has come from, where it is, and how to proceed. The 2018 Existing Conditions Report kicks off this process by taking a snapshot of the growth trends and conditions from multiple planning perspectives as of September 2018. The goal of this report is to provide a common, data-informed starting point for upcoming comprehensive planning conversations and scenarios about future growth and development. Beyond the starting point and the destination, what makes any road trip fun are the people one is traveling with. The College Station community has earned its reputation of being a city of great people that is successfully implementing its vision to “continue to be among the friendliest and most responsive of communities and a demonstrated partner in maintaining and enhancing all that is good and celebrated in the Brazos Valley.” To that end, city staff is excited and grateful to begin the community conversations and processes that will culminate in an updated Comprehensive Plan.


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